piriform cortex

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pir·i·form cor·tex

the olfactory cortex, corresponding to the rostral half of the uncus; receiving its major afferents from the olfactory bulb, it is classified as allocortex.
See also: cerebral cortex.
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dCTX1-3 = dorsal cortex 1-3; mCTX = midtemporal cortex; PYR = pyriform cortex; THAL = thalamus; Caudt = caudate; PTMN = putamen; IC = internal capsule; PvWM = periventricular white matter.
Structures of the limbic system include all cortical and subcortical structures that form the border of the lateral ventricles: the hippocampal formation, the dentate gyrus, the pyriform cortex of the anterior hippocampal gyrus and the cingulate gyrus.
In one experiment, for example, the researchers gave the computer a number of odors whose common properties would have stimulated the same 60 percent of cells in the rat's olfactory bulb, which is the first way station between the olfactory receptors in the nose, the pyriform cortex and the rest of the brain.