Pyramid Power

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The use of a model of an Egyptian pyramid as an instrument for healing, based on the belief that the Great Pyramids can accumulate and conduct living energies
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Ostrander and Schroeder first wrote about this in their famous book that launched further explorations in "pyramid power," a term coined in the 1960s by Czechoslovakian researchers.
In one sound installation, called 'Sputnik Power,' Bogaert examines Sun Ra's belief in "Pyramid Power".
Twist and shout against the pyramid power, Dream strength creates every political tower, Some seeds never live to see their flower, Understanding hearts becoming sour.
It stated "some people suggest inert-gas therapy may provide the regenerative energy needed to...." That sentence reminded me of the widely disproved claims of "pyramid power" of the 1970s.
PYRAMID POWER: Strata, left and above artist Callum Sinclair and Redcar and Cleveland, mayor Wendy Hall with the new public art work Pictures by TOM BANKS
Eric Flint and Dave Freer's PYRAMID POWER (1416521305, $24.00) tells of a pyramidal device sent by the Kirin to dominate Earth, which sits in the middle of Chicago no longer growing, but ominously present.
Traditional barrels may be the ideal shape for winemaking, but Stephen Cipes, proprietor of British Columbia's Summerhill Winery, puts his faith in pyramid power.
"During one of our staff meetings a couple of years ago, two of our home economists suggested that if the kids can't come in our stores to learn about proper nutrition, we should go to them." Thus evolved Pyramid Power and Pyramid Power Plus.
When in the presence of a confederate, the subjects believed they saw "pyramid power" at work.
Chapter titles: Introduction; Gain and Loss - Why Water is Essential to Life; Go Power - What Carbohydrates Do; Fat Facts - How Fat Can be Good and Bad; Linked - The Formation and Importance of Protein in Your Body; Alphabet Nutrients - The Importance of Vitamins; Minerals - The Importance of Minerals; Veggies - The Difference Between Types of Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts and Grains; Pyramid Power - Guidelines for Daily Food Choices; Making Choices - Understanding Food Labels; Input-Output - How to Maintain a Healthy Body Weight; Food Changer - How Food is Digested in Your Body; Tasty - Why Foods Taste Different; Icy - How Ice Affects Foods; Sweet Stuff - Natural and Artificial Sweeteners; Salty - The Function of Sodium in Your Body; Colourful - Natural and Artificial Food Dyes; Pucker Up!
Religion is the most common example of the control illusion--though astrology, pyramid power, and the huge number of magical solutions attest to the human animal's ability to conjure something out of nothing for personal comfort.
Have you heard of pyramid Power? Some people believe that the shape of a pyramid carries special kinds of energy.