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A simple prosthesis, usually without joints, for a lower limb amputation.
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In a poem published in the year of the Unit One exhibition, Stanley Snaith described the pylons striding across the hills: 'One after one they lift their serious shapes/That ring with light.' (7) One after one, says Snaith: not one after another.
He added: "Smaller and less intrusive pylons are also being considered.
Electricity chiefs have built the pylon at Beauly, near Inverness.
The company's Wichita facility is responsible for the design and manufacturing of the pylon and underwing structure used to mount the aircraft's power plant to the wing.
On arriving at Leeds Road, directors and officials watched anxiously as one of the pylons at the Canker Lane corner "rolled and twisted in an alarming manner."
He said business has dropped 20 percent, compared to last year's figures for the same time period, since the pylons went up, and it appeared that the Dunkin' Donuts had been singled out for this experiment, despite the fact that accidents had also occurred at other businesses on the same road.
Your paper revealed last week that there is an estate in England where women are 17 times more likely to suffer a miscarriage because of a giant pylon. The people who live there are much more likely to suffer from depression, regular headaches, digestive problems and insomnia.
Representative of the major capital improvements achieved by the 47th Street Business Improvement District (BID), the elegant pylons stand majestically on the corners of 47th Street at Fifth and Sixth avenues.
The Government may take the Midland Electricity Board to court because it moved an electricity pylon closer to a group of homes.