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Vittorio, Italian surgeon, 1880-1940. See: Putti-Platt operation, Putti-Platt procedure.
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incorporating putti, sphinxes, and horse heads, with looping banners,
The commissioner, Singh, said, " The Centre asked us to explain the alleged murder of NREGS worker Putti Lal.
The economic d turn is exposing cr in once-happy tionships, accordin top divorce lawyerWendy H kins, who says money wo and redundancy are putti huge strain on couples want to split but can't af to.
We would have long discussions about the meaning of words such as cherub, putti or cupid.
Fourth, the author is undecided about what he can assume of his readership, finding it necessary to explain such terms as rosary, putti, incunabula, and palimpsest, even describing the Mass as "Catholic" and Christmas as "the feast celebrating Christ's birth.
Iris finds herself making a mental catalogue of the saccharine child figures, the smirking terracotta frogs, the bloated putti astride dolphins, the novelty toadstools, myriad gnomes.
Luke Drawing the Virgin" shows an angel guiding the kneeling saint's hand as he illustrates his vision of the Virgin, Child and five putti circumscribed by a circular cloud formation.
Analysis of these reliefs (including female heads, marine subjects, putti, and decorative ribbons) posits a blending of Parisian and Lombard styles that opened an avenue for Rococo art in Germany.
Angels, for instance, begin to make a comeback in church decoration, no longer in the six-winged medieval style but rather as Italianate amorini or putti (the life-sized infants familiar in the painting and sculpture of the era).
The novel's frequent mentions of "the Boucher children" (308) conjure up, at least on the printed page where Boucher and Boucher remain identical, the ironic fantasy of naked, chubby, little putti haunting the darkened hovels of Milton's backstreets--ghostly doppelgangers of the pastoral paradise that has been denied to Boucher's "clemming" brood.
They appear on picture frames, clocks, headboards and two of the solarium's most extraordinary treasures: a pair of early 19th-century Dore bronze palace candelabras, each one depicting a putti playing a musical instrument.
In fact, one hallmark of Raphael's paintings and drawings is the ubiquitous presence of putti, invariably radiant in their nudity.