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Vittorio, Italian surgeon, 1880-1940. See: Putti-Platt operation, Putti-Platt procedure.
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In this first showing of the "Putti's Pudding" drawings outside the US, curated by Paul Pieroni, Scarpati's drawings were hung on the interior walls of a small white room-within-a-room, the intimacy of their display demanding that viewers press up close in order to make out their details and read the small, handwritten speech bubbles.
The stage design of the exhibition Lying Awake transforms the art gallery Putti into a space that holds the birth of artists' ideas and dreams materializing into jewelry pieces, visualizing the emotions and atmosphere of the jewelry making process.
Standing before the painting, Simon calls attention to the obvious elements: the saint's attributes (a lily vase, open Bible and the Christ Child), as well as the flying putti circumscribed by clouds.
Some are topped with putti, the chubby and winged children that are included in many Italian Renaissance paintings."
Dean's books include "The Magical Journey of Malaika Putti" - "The Last Spenta Angel"[c]; "The Spenta Angel Collection'[c]; "Return of the Magi[c]", and "The Gift Forgotten[c]".
So book illustrations were often replete with acanthus leaves, scrolls, ribbons, banners, and playful angelic putti winging among clouds.
Temperaturas baixas e continuas, nos meses de inverno, sao indispensaveis para que a planta inicie novo ciclo vegetativo, com brotacao e floracao intensas e uniformes (PUTTI et al., 2003).
The ceiling to the centre is gilded and festooned with a brass chandelier and a circular plaster border surrounded by painted anthemions and arabesques with heraldic panels to the corners and cornice painted with fleur-de-lys and putti. An Empire-style marbled chimneypiece bears a coat of arms to the centre.
There follows "The Third Sign of Predestination," this time with an engraving of the Host suspended over a chalice, with putti hovering at each side, which signifies the frequent observance of the holy sacraments of confession and communion (73).
"It also gives them a chance to laugh an them do "Come who don this feels ship, be Relief do it's putti into our It's as - comed new ho didn't d has been lar work has ha from a are making for the on the scene, s Gein's Gift Sho are Edin Festival lars and offer youngs an ins into realities the com dy world.