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Vittorio, Italian surgeon, 1880-1940. See: Putti-Platt operation, Putti-Platt procedure.
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Flanking the title banner, two putti hold a zodiacal ring illuminated by a central Sun, with the off-center Earth attached to the zodiac.
The ceiling to the centre is gilded and festooned with a brass chandelier and a circular plaster border surrounded by painted anthemions and arabesques with heraldic panels to the corners and cornice painted with fleur-de-lys and putti.
There follows "The Third Sign of Predestination," this time with an engraving of the Host suspended over a chalice, with putti hovering at each side, which signifies the frequent observance of the holy sacraments of confession and communion (73).
It also gives them a chance to laugh an them do "Come who don this feels ship, be Relief do it's putti into our It's as - comed new ho didn't d has been lar work has ha from a are making for the on the scene, s Gein's Gift Sho are Edin Festival lars and offer youngs an ins into realities the com dy world.
Inspired by the famous Italian putti painted by the Renaissance artist Raphael, My Loving Angel is a large sculpture A modeled with great naturalism.
Putti effort can be as bad as not doing bad as no an be as enough.
to an putti b f d They are reluctant to sell to a Premier League rival and with only Chelsea so far putting in a bid, Rooney may be faced with the prospect of having no club to go to, even if he does submit a transfer request.
And thus begins a game, spatial as well as conceptual, in the Museum Haus Lange, played with putti, busts, and a torso, all based on models from the frescoes and sculptures of Herculaneum and Pompeii.
It also features strigilated panels, torch-bearing putti and mythical creature carvings.
Putti succeeded Codivilla as director of the Rizzoli Institute of Bologna, in 1912, and continued his work on limb lengthening.
Y asi como franceses--de Foucault a Derrida, de Bourdieu a Lyotard--habian sido en los sesenta y setenta los gurus de la arbitrariedad hermeneutica, tambien fueron franceses los pioneros de esta remozada version del horror vacui barroco, con los "papelotes" de Proust o las cartas a Louise Colet fungiendo de putti de relleno.