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James J., U.S. neurologist, 1846-1918. See: Putnam-Dana syndrome.
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"Has Major Putnam," he asked, "got any Eastern curios, idols, weapons and so on, from which one might get a hint?"
As they entered they passed Miss Watson buttoning her gloves for church, and heard the voice of Putnam downstairs still giving a lecture on cookery to the cook.
"Putnam is an old soldier, and has been in Mexico and Australia, and the Cannibal Islands for all I know."
Major Putnam had sprung up, his purple face mottled.
Moreover, Putnam places within the same general category of civic republicanism some northern regions whose experiences with communal democracy were long, others that were brief, and still others that were subject to continued feudal control or to the extended authority of the pope (Cohn 1994, 317).(19) Finally, in focusing on the golden age of the city-state, he treats the five or six centuries that followed somewhat cavalierly, trolling rapidly through a long and turbulent stretch of history for analogues of the cultural patterns he found in the earlier period without specifying the links either theoretically or empirically.
The board of trustees of the Putnam Funds, Putnam Master Intermediate Income Trust (NYSE:PIM) (CUSIP:746909-10-0), Putnam Managed Municipal Income Trust (NYSE:PMM) (CUSIP:746823-10-3), Putnam Municipal Opportunities Trust (NYSE:PMO) (CUSIP:746922-10-3) and Putnam Premier Income Trust (NYSE:PPT) (CUSIP:746853-10-0) on Friday declared distributions for April and May 2019.
Putnam Investment Management names 2 VPs/client advisors
Former employees of Putnam Investments can proceed with an ERISA class action against their ex-employer and other plan fiduciaries based on allegations that they suffered losses as a result of the investment options selected for their 401(k) plan, the 1st U.S.
Putnam Investments is joining the growing number of asset managers that have introduced ESG-focused funds.
A colorful figure of 18th-century America, Israel Putnam (1718-1790) played a key role in both the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War.
The Philosophy of Hilary Putnam. The Library of Living Philosophers, Volume 24.
Victoria Shirley (Buschka) Jolicoeur, 90PUTNAM, CT - Victoria Shirley (Buschka) Jolicoeur, 90 of Putnam, CT, died Sunday March 15, 2015, at the Westview Care Center, Dayville.