Ivory Wave

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A product sold as powdered bath salts on the internet, in so-called 'head shops' and market stalls, often with a label 'not for human consumption’. It has been billed as providing a 'legal high' given its content of the psychoactive agent MDPV, a powerful stimulant recently banned in the UK as a Class B drug. Ivory Wave surfaced in the UK drug scene in 2009, and was billed as providing a legal high, prompting warnings to all A&E departments, after dozens of overdose cases appeared in Cumbria, Lothian and Dorset. Not all packages of Ivory Wave contain the same thing—e.g., some have lidocaine—but MDPV has an amphetamine-like effect with tachycardia, tachypnoea, visual and auditory hallucinations, and psychotic reactions so severe that extra hands are needed to keep patients on their trolleys and from harming themselves and others
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And then he could not see her come into a room without a sense of the flowing of robes, of the flowering of blossoms, of the purple waves of the sea, of all things that are lovely and mutable on the surface but still and passionate in their heart.
Collin Klein, the quarterback, is 230 pounds and likes to run behind the purple wave, and with 194 carries he is his team's leading rusher.
Also known as Ivory Coast or Purple Wave - the substance is being openly sold on the internet as 'soothing' bath salts for around pounds 15 a packet.
The drug, also called Ivory Coast or Purple Wave, brings euphoria - but the high can be followed by days of hallucinations, paranoid delusions and acute agitation.
other col- / ors a red wave a purple wave / The tulips changed and going
Charlie Nardozzi, the Hilton Garden Inn's chief gardening officer, suggests multicolored canna lilies surrounded by white bacopa and purple wave petunias; salmon geraniums with blue lobelia and white alyssum; or butterfly-attracting red nicotiana planted in a sea of blue scaevola.
It's said to be a sister to purple wave, which I've already tried and is a great winner.
One of the best ground cover varieties is Purple Wave.
Petunia Fl Purple Wave will be sold commercially in individual 3 or 4" pots or in hanging baskets.
The launch of PURPLE has created a giant purple wave in cities like New York, where bottles have been flying off store shelves and where it's also been served at some of the city's hottest restaurants, including the legendary Palm restaurant, since it launched in summer 2007.