Purple Rain

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A regional term for PCP
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The world's best-selling compilation album series is heading out on tour with a live band and singers performing their version of era-defining hits from the 1980s such as Relax, Living On A Prayer and Purple Rain.
They say: "Think about how easy it is to remember the chorus to Purple Rain by Prince or Umbrella by Rihanna now imagine if students could remember cell structures in biology like that?" You can try free samples, but single subjects cost 99p-a-go.
Similar to the way the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge worked, Xander and the Peace Pirates will record a short video, no longer than a minute long, where they will say "I support the Campaign Against Living Miserably " then play the chorus of Purple Rain and nominate three other artists or people to do the same.
Earlier this month, Prince's estate asked Trump to cease using "Purple Rain" at rallies. "The Prince Estate has never given permission to President Trump or the White House to use (https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/prince-estate-donald-trump-purple-rain-rally-737428/) Prince's songs and have requested that they cease all use immediately," Prince's half-brother Omarr Baker tweeted at the time.
PRINCE OF POSES Legend in his Purple Rain pomp, 1985
"Piano & A Microphone 1983" is just Prince noodling at a piano and singing "Purple Rain" and eight other songs in a one-take recording made at his home studio 35 years ago.
Maria Laroco put the pride in Pinoy when she sang her rendition of Prince's classic 'Purple Rain' to X Factor judges Simon Cowell, Louis Tomlinson, Ayda Field and Robbie Williams over the weekend.
Bruno, 32, is a huge Prince fan and gave a top tribute when he sang Purple Rain at last year's Grammy awards.
Minnesota Public Radios KCMP named Purple Rain number four on its list of most essential albums, Prince number two among its most essential artists, and "Purple Rain" number one as its most essential song-but, if tuning into its broadcast isn't a concrete enough experience of Prince's imprint on the city, then you'll find it at the nightclub he brought to fame, First Avenue & 7th Street Entry.
Due to land in November, the three figures show Prince in his Purple Rain phase, his 'Third Eye Guy' look (pictured) and in his unmistakable Around The World in a Day suit.
As ever, there's also a chase figure - a glitter version of the Purple Rain figure, which will be exclusively available through American store FYE.
I've met him a couple of times - he always calls me uncle - so we do him and Stevie Wonder!" Lenny says that his most memorable musical parodies have been Michael Jackson's Thriller and Prince's Purple Rain.