Iris versicolor

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A perennial herb, the dried rhizome of which contains alkaloids, salicylates, starch, and tannins; it is antiemetic and carminative, and has been used for eructation, headache, cramps, rheumatic complaints, to increase the flow of bile, and is said to remove toxins from the blood
Toxicity Fresh blue flag root is poisonous

Iris versicolor,

n See blue flag.
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I opted for a lightly perfumed, striking purple Iris reticulata, planted in three groups of three bulbs spaced evenly around the outer ring of compost.
Latest additions to this little corner of Sober Hall are some delphiniums, a beautiful purple iris, and a shrub which we don't know the name of, but bought because of its lucious lime green leaves.
For example, plant a peach or pink waterlily in the center of the pond then line the banks with purple iris.
Fasulo added a purple iris into the tapestry when her mother, Musse Moller, died at the age of 60 in 1978.
histrioides, also from Turkey and the violet and purple Iris reticulata from Iraq and Iran to add to your spring display.
TIPS Bright, bold plants such as stunning purple iris, above, and, below, blood-red aquilegia, will have a bigger following.
Plantings along the banks include purple iris and green fern.