Purple Hearts

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A regional term for LSD, amphetamines, or depressants
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Purple Hearts aims to offer a listening ear to these female relatives through support meetings, telephone and email network.
peacekeeping operations in Lebanon and Cambodia, for example, have received Purple Hearts. Members of all the services wounded or killed in terrorist attacks in countries ranging from France, Germany and Greece to El Salvador, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have received the Purple Heart.
In all, some 1,506,000 Purple Hearts were produced for use in World War II, say Giangreco and Moore, "with production reaching its peak as America geared up for the invasion of Japan." The Navy ordered 25,000 Purple Hearts in October 1944, and then 50,000 more in the spring of 1945, and "borrowed" 60,000 more from the Army when it feared that delivery would be delayed.
He saw combat in Europe, and was awarded the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.
Dozens of Purple Heart medals were awarded here Friday to victims of the rampage at the military base, capping years of waiting for the United States' oldest military award and the benefits that come with it.
Then, about seven years ago, one of his brothers mentioned that he found a Purple Heart while going through their mother's belongings after her death.
Five of the men received Bronze Stars for combat service during World War II, and the sixth received the Purple Heart for combat injuries suffered in Iraq.
Meanwhile, it was revealed the American government have secretly ordered 9000 Purple Heart medals - awarded to soldiers injured in war.
After being helped to his feet the bruised veteran returned to the platform, and joked: "I think I just earned my third Purple Heart.
Texas' top elected officials are convening Friday at Fort Hood to help award Purple Heart medals to victims of the 2009 shooting there, the culmination of a years-long push to make them eligible for the decoration.
-- An Arizona man whose father was killed during World War II fighting on the island of Iwo Jima was in Vermont Friday to receive the Purple Heart medal his father earned 70 years ago.
They had no thought of their fellow disabled veterans in mind when they come up with this policy, which includes the rule requiring a Purple Heart and another requiring 20 years of active service.