Purple Hearts

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A regional term for LSD, amphetamines, or depressants
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Its a great day in Georgia now that Senator David Perdue has sponsored the Purple Heart Preservation Act, said Doug Middleton, Region IV Commander for the Military Order of the Purple Heart out of Roswell, GA.
Many times, because of age and disability, older veterans are not able to keep up with the maintenance on their homes, which is why we joined forces with Purple Heart Homes to do something special for them.
After making the determination that the victims of the Fort Hood attack are now eligible for the Purple Heart, it seems only right and fair that these soldiers also receive the benefits it traditionally entails," McHugh said in a statement Thursday.
Congress passed a defense policy bill Friday evening that includes a provision making victims of the attacks at the Texas Army post eligible for the Purple Heart.
Purple Hearts aims to offer a listening ear to these female relatives through support meetings, telephone and email network.
The most recent Purple Hearts presented to civilians occurred after the terrorist attacks at Khobar Towers, Saudi Arabia, in 1996--about 40 U.
In all, some 1,506,000 Purple Hearts were produced for use in World War II, say Giangreco and Moore, "with production reaching its peak as America geared up for the invasion of Japan.
He was a real war hero, winning a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts.
KILLEEN - Moments after receiving a long-awaited Purple Heart, Staff Sgt.
It's unclear how the man got the medal, but it was given to Purple Hearts Reunited.