Purple Haze

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A regional term for LSD
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In the distance, detail was veiled and blurred by a purple haze, but behind this purple haze, he knew, was the glamour of the unknown, the lure of romance.
A mile away, a grove-plumed promontory juts far into the lake and glasses its palace in the blue depths; in midstream a boat is cutting the shining surface and leaving a long track behind, like a ray of light; the mountains beyond are veiled in a dreamy purple haze; far in the opposite direction a tumbled mass of domes and verdant slopes and valleys bars the lake, and here indeed does distance lend enchantment to the view--for on this broad canvas, sun and clouds and the richest of atmospheres have blended a thousand tints together, and over its surface the filmy lights and shadows drift, hour after hour, and glorify it with a beauty that seems reflected out of Heaven itself.
There was the red sun, on the low level of the shore, in a purple haze, fast deepening into black; and there was the solitary flat marsh; and far away there were the rising grounds, between which and us there seemed to be no life, save here and there in the foreground a melancholy gull.
He looked again and decided that it was the purple haze of the hills made dark by a convolution of the canyon wall at its back.
There was not in all that vanished October one day that did not come in with auroral splendour and go out attended by a fair galaxy of evening stars--not a day when there were not golden lights in the wide pastures and purple hazes in the ripened distances.
(Alliance News) - Kazera Global PLC on Friday announced maiden JORC-compliant resources for the Homestead and Purple Haze deposits at its Namibia Tantalite Investment mine.
Nike Air redesigned in vibrant colors such as yellow, dseafoam green, purple haze, and blanzy blue.
TRY: Drinks with fun flavors and names like Purple Haze, Electric Lemonade, Cucumber Smash or Key Lime Martini.
Gig-goers can expect all the classic Jimi Hendrix hits including Voodoo Child, Hey Joe, All Along the Watchtower and Purple Haze.
EDT] officers responded to a shooting @ The Purple Haze nightclub @ 140 George W.
The most known songs by the singer - "Purple haze", "The nice yard", "The Bells", "I'm ready to kiss the sand", and "White cherry."