Purple Book

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A directory of transitional year programs for doctors wanting to sample multiple specialties before deciding on one. It provided information on required and elective rotations, call scheduling, etc.
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The GHS document, also known as "The Purple Book," establishes hazard classification and communication provisions with explanatory information on how to apply the system.
The Purple Book stimulated heated debates on alcohol problems and their prevention, not just among academics but also among policymakers and medical practitioners.
The International Study of Alcohol Control Experiences (ISACE) project was initiated by the WHO and collaborating research institutes to continue the work first summarized in the Purple Book, which had characterized alcohol control policy as a sequential process from policy implementation to reduced drinking to fewer alcohol-related problems.
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Data in the new edition of the Purple Book, published by the Pensions Regulator and the Pension Protection Fund today, shows a continuing rise in the proportion of defined benefit schemes that are closed not only to new entrants but also to future accrual by existing members.
After all, gender conditioning starts from birth--I once saw a father stop his baby boy from crawling towards a display of purple books saying, "Those are for girls.
He subsequently recounted the event in his novella, published in collaboration with Purple Books in Paris and Feature Inc.