Purkinje, Johannes E. von

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Purkinje, Johannes E. von

, Purkine (poor'kin-ye, -ya)
Jan Evangelista Purkinje, Bohemian anatomist and physiologist, 1787–1869.

Purkinje cell

A large cerebellar cortex neuron with an ornate, antler-shaped dendritic arbor. Purkinje cells receive inputs (climbing fibers) from the inferior olive, and they send their axons (inhibitory) to the cerebellar and vestibular nuclei.
Synonym: Purkinje neuron

Purkinje fiber

A cardiac muscle cell beneath the endocardium of the ventricles of the heart. These extend from the bundle branches to the ventricular myocardium and form the last part of the cardiac conduction system.

Purkinje figures

Shadows of blood vessels perceived when light is projected out of focus or obliquely onto the retina.

Purkinje layer

A single row of large flask-shaped cells (Purkinje cells) lying between molecular and granular layers of the cerebellar cortex.

Purkinje network

A network of Purkinje fibers found in cardiac muscle.

Purkinje neuron

Purkinje cell.

Purkinje phenomenon

The adjustment of the pupil of the eye to light intensity. When the eye adapts from light to dark conditions, the maximum pupillary movement is caused by green instead of yellow light.
Synonym: pupillomotor reflex

Purkinje-Sanson images

Three images of the same object, produced by reflections from the surface of the cornea and the anterior and posterior surfaces of the lens of the eye. For the most part, the viewer adapts to this phenomenon and ignores these extra images.

Purkinje vesicle

The nuclear portion of an ovum. Synonym: germinal vesicle
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Johannes E. von (Jan E. Purkyne), Bohemian anatomist and physiologist, 1787-1869.
Purkinje afterimage - Synonym(s): Bidwell ghost
Purkinje cells - large nerve cells of the cerebellar cortex with a piriform cell body and dendrites arranged in a plane transverse to the folium. Synonym(s): Purkinje corpuscles
Purkinje conduction - conduction of the cardiac impulse through the Purkinje system.
Purkinje corpuscles - Synonym(s): Purkinje cells
Purkinje effect - Synonym(s): Purkinje phenomenon
Purkinje fibers - interlacing fibers formed of modified cardiac muscle cells that are the terminal ramifications of the conducting system of the heart found beneath the endocardium of the ventricles.
Purkinje figures - shadows of the retinal vessels seen as dark lines on a reddish field when a light enters the eye through the sclera and not the pupil.
Purkinje image tracker
Purkinje images - Synonym(s): Purkinje-Sanson images
Purkinje layer - the layer of Purkinje cells between the molecular and granular layers of the cerebellar cortex. Synonym(s): piriform neuron layer
Purkinje network - the network formed by Purkinje fibers beneath the endocardium.
Purkinje phenomenon - in the light-adapted eye, the region of maximal brightness is in the yellow; in the dark-adapted eye, the region of maximal brightness is in the green. Synonym(s): Purkinje effect; Purkinje shift
Purkinje shift - Synonym(s): Purkinje phenomenon
Purkinje system - terminal ramifications in the ventricles of the specialized conducting system of the heart.
Purkinje-Sanson images - the two images formed by the anterior and posterior surfaces of the cornea, and the two images formed by the anterior and posterior surfaces of the lens. Synonym(s): catatropic images; Purkinje images; Sanson images
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