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(11) found a [V.sub.0.5] value of -70 mV in their study on purkinje cells, whereas Shoeb et al.
Role of Purkinje conducting system in triggering of idiopathic ventricular fibrillation.
Proposing the term purkinjeoma: Protein Gene Product 9.5 Expression in 2 Porcine Cardiac Rhabdomyoma Indicates Possible Purkinje Fiber Cell Origin.
B) Purkinje cells and neurons of granular cell layer showing intracytoplasmic BATV-specific pink, positive result detected by FISH (fast red stain; scale bar indicates 200 [micro]m).
Morphologic diagnoses of the cerebellum included multifocal, subacute Purkinje cell degeneration, necrosis, with Bergmann's astrocytosis, granular cell atrophy, and chronic, locally extensive encephalomalacia with mineralization, gliosis, spongiosis, neovascularization, and gitter cell infiltration.
In a 2012 mouse study, Sahin and colleagues knocked out a TSC gene (Tsc1) in Purkinje cells and found social deficits and repetitive behaviors in the mice, together with abnormalities in the cells.
smaller groups of Purkinje fibers and subendocardial nerve plexuses.
The line mesh type representing Purkinje networks was mapped onto a 3D ventricle chamber as well at the endocardial region (Figure 2(c)).
(i) The first Purkinje image (P1) is the reflection from the outer surface of the cornea (CR also called glint).
We focused our investigations of the cerebellum on Purkinje cells, due to their high vulnerability to hypoxia [20, 21].
The question to be raised is how the renewal of a piece of myocardium follows the time line of picking up cell types in series: cardiomyocytes, endothelial cells, smooth muscle cells, fibro blast, pacemaker cells, conducting and Purkinje cells to bring the orchestration of rhythmically contracting and relaxing heart.