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a heterocyclic compound that is the nucleus of the purine bases such as adenine and guanine (which occur in DNA and RNA), and xanthine and hypoxanthine.
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pur·ine (Pur),

(pyūr'ēn, -rin),
The parent substance of adenine, guanine, and other naturally occurring purine "bases."
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1. A double-ringed, crystalline organic base, C5H4N4, that is the parent compound of a large group of biologically important compounds.
2. Any of a group of substituted derivatives of purine, including the nitrogen bases adenine and guanine, which are components of nucleic acids. Uric acid, caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline are also purines.
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The parent substance of adenine, guanine, and other naturally occurring so-called purine bases; not known to exist as such in mammals.
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one of two types of base found in NUCLEIC ACIDS, having a double ring structure; see ADENINE and GUANINE. Purines always pair with PYRIMIDINES in the two strands of DNA, ensuring a parallel-sided molecule.
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A white crystalline substance that is one of the building blocks of DNA. Uric acid is produced when purine is broken down in the body.
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