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a higher proportion of the votes from punchcard counties are thrown
Under HAVA, many electoral districts across the country have purchased electronic-voting machines to replace punchcard equipment and mechanical voting machines.
9 billion to replace punchcard ballots, used widely in Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2000 and 2004, with electronic touch-screen machines.
Thanks to the Help America Vote Act, no Oregon county uses punchcard ballots - a type that led to an unacceptably high percentage of spoiled or rejected ballots.
One potential area for cargo process streamlining is to reduce the amount of information required for the ATCMD; the ATCMD requires approximately 25 entries and an 80-digit punchcard format to advance a piece of cargo.
And even within the subset of punchcard ballots, "a dimple next to two punched through holes may not mean the same thing as a dimple next to [ ] two merely dimpled chars.
On the other hand, a plurality, more than 37 percent, used one of the alternative versions of the much-maligned punchcard system.
What we need to ask is if the generation that has never seen a punchcard or a manual typewriter--and whose interpersonal communications rely increasingly on e-mail and cellular phones--will define "direct contact" in the same way their parents did.
Watson, a former traveling salesman of organs and sewing machines, started his computing career with a punchcard accounting system that had been developed for the 1890 census.
But the pay-per-impression model may be about to go the way of the punchcard.
Punchcard, a local shopping app that lets you earn personalized rewards everywhere you shop, announced today that the company is partnering with Wipit (www.
mPOINTS Integration in Shopping App, Punchcard, Expands the Loyalty Platform's Reach Into Retail