A popular term for the neurologic consequences of cardiopulmonary bypass, characterised by depression, mental haze, mental dulling, patchy recall, social difficulties, and personality changes; pumphead changes occurred in 53% of patients in one study, and were present in 24% 6 months after the operation
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The data in the steady state period were averaged and applied to determine the system operating variables, including pump flowrate, pumphead, and VFD output power, and then used to calculate the motors haft power and efficiency at each operating condition.
Caption: Figure 1: Quantum pump by Watson-Marlow offers high pressures with low pulsation and a single-use pumphead.
Featuring ReNu pumphead technology, Qdos 30 is fully sealed for safe tool free maintenance.
At Offshore Europe visitors will have the opportunity to see and discuss the latest developments including: APV's Orion 34 plate heat exchanger; Bran + Luebbe's Double Acting Pumphead and P Gear pumps; GD Engineering's Pigalert and Magalert; JP's CombiPro and Top Gear pumps; Plenty's Gas Filters and Self-Cleaning Filters.
With the hydraulically actuated diaphragm pumphead, the diaphragm pumps the liquid by the actuating movement of a plunger in hydraulic oil.
* Watson-Marlow (Booth 1831) will showcase its 114 Rapid Load Pumphead for OEM applications.
The 313D pumphead is ideal for food and beverage processing applications, including flavorings for coffee and milkshakes.
The 323Dz high precision dispensing pump features a fliptop pumphead for simple tube loading.
All models have fixed speed outputs and can be adjusted by selecting the pumphead tube size and choosing the desired rpm.
The 313D pumphead features secure clamps that allow more clearance during loading and prevents tampering.
Sample rates range from 125 to 1,100 1/min, drawn by a Masterflex peristaltic pumphead. The sampler weighs 16.5 lb and measures 16 in.
Despite weighing only 25kg (with MasoSine SPS 2.5), the Stainless Steel Power Frame is extremely sturdy and is not prone to tipping on to its pumphead. In fact, every aspect of this innovative product is geared towards user benefits.