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Sports medicine Enlarged—as in muscles—through exercise
Vox populi Excited about something
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Teflon-based diaphragms are generally the most expensive, with other materials lying in between, so while the diaphragm used must be compatible with the fluid to be pumped, care should be taken to make sure that it is not 'over-specified, leading to unnecessary costs.
Maximum service life can be achieved even under severe operating conditions where fluids are non-lubricating or abrasive because there is no contact between the bearings and the pumped fluid, nor is there any sliding or rolling contact and rotor-to-rotor contact.
The metastable atoms are optically pumped by 1083 nm wavelength light that is produced by a Nd:LMA (neodymium-doped lanthanum magnesium hexaluminate) laser.
As a result, the heart beats less frequently but more effectively, and more blood is pumped into the arteries.
Basically, this is the amount of pressure that is required to prevent the liquid being pumped from vaporising inside the pump.
A heated jacket for the housing is used especially for this type of application, while other pumped liquids require a cooling jacket in order to keep the temperature of the product constant.
In such a system the water coming into the roadways can be pumped to the next pump instead of flowing under gravity in ditches, and there accumulating solids.
Very small amounts can be pumped within 0.5% accuracy.
The size of the particles contained within the fluid being pumped can be much larger in lobe pumps than in other types of positive displacement pumps (PDP) because the large rotor cavities.