A 19th-century US company which marketed various devices which delivered ‘therapeutic’ electricity
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Notes: additional poc: lori pulvermacher, phone: 608-262-1528 fax: 608-262-4467.
Pulvermacher, Air driven on-line separation and preconcentration on a C18 column coupled with thermospray flame furnace AAS for the determination of cadmium and lead at g l-1 levels, J.
Behavioral Healthcare recently talked to Janet Zwick, technical expert lead for JBS International, Jeanne Pulvermacher, NIATx project manager, and Elizabeth Strauss, NIATx coach, who presented a workshop, "That was then.
Ron Pulvermacher, President of Matrix Product Development states, "Meat processing plants pose special challenges for wireless electronics due to large swings in temperatures that electronics need to function in, as well as moisture, cleanliness and robustness, including making products drop-proof.
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Katharine Pulvermacher, chief executive of African Rainbow, said.
24, 1998 when Father Lucian Pulvermacher was elected.
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Recent guest artists: Lisa de Ribere (School of American Ballet), Matthew Prescott (freelance dancer), Neta Pulvermacher (Neta Dance Company)
Everything is grown in 'The Swamp,'" says founder Neta Pulvermacher, a UF School of Theater and Dance professor and the director of the New York City--based Neta Dance Company, referring to the nickname for the moist and verdant Gainesville campus that gives the workshop its moniker.