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To reduce to a powder.
[L. pulverizo, fr. pulvis, pulveris, dust]
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Pursuant to the agreement, B&W PGG will license its technology to the joint venture company for subcritical boilers 300 megawatts (MW) and larger, supercritical boilers and coal pulverizers.
It said that the Ministry is also considering the issue of offering some state-run pulverizers for lease.
American Pulverizer can build scrap metal shredders in monstrous sizes to tear through enormous quantities of automobile hulks and other forms of scrap.
Recently a coal-fired power plant in the Midwest was experiencing gear coupling failure in its coal pulverizer drives.
"We used to use scales to dump 500-pound buckets of crushed coal from the bunker into rotating paddle feeders that delivered the coal to the pulverizer," recalled Fred Stavely, a senior plant engineer at the power plant.
uses about 500 horsepower worth of wood chippers, pulverizers and conveying machinery.
Uh, they could work as door-to-door freelance pulverizers. "Need anything big smashed into itsy-bitsy little pieces, ma'am?" Perhaps a future as a consultant in the burgeoning gravel-analysis field.
New pulverizers from Reduction Engineering Scheer, Kent, Ohio, offer a highly compact design, faster cleanout, and more efficient production.
Hodge produces large gray and ductile iron castings primarily for use in power generation, including parts for the wind turbine industry, coal pulverizers for electric power generation and castings for mining and minerals processing.
The acquisition of Demarec has added an additional line of demolition tools to Kinshofer's excavator line, including multi-quick processors, pulverizers and demolition grabs.
The growth in popularity of shears and shear hybrids (variously known as multi-processors, multi-tools, concrete pulverizers or by other terms, depending on the brand) combined with an overheated scrap market has helped spur sales and, in some cases, created back order situations for the devices.
There are four types of shredders used for the shredding or pulverizing of solid waste: hammermills, drum pulverizers, crushers, and wet pulverizers.