dye laser

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dye laser

A laser with wavelengths of 510 nm for green and 577 nm–600 nm for yellow, whose energy reacts with various dyes and, modified by a tunable crystal, is applied in pulses, used primarily to manage skin lesions.

Patient care

Care involves giving general emotional support, explanations, and answering questions regarding the procedure. The equipment is checked, and all rules are observed. The needs of the surgeon are anticipated, and the procedure is recorded in the laser log.

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Specialist Dr Samira Syed was pioneering pulse dye laser therapy to heal birthmarks.
The pulse dye laser uses microsecond pulses of light to destroy the red pigment and seal the damaged blood vessels.
Clinical studies of the Cynosure pulse dye laser show that 73 percent of patients experienced more than 70 percent clearance after six treatments.
Cynosure, Chelmsford, MA, has received clearance for the treatment of psoriasis using a patent-pending protocol and its pulse dye laser technology, according to company executives.
Different modalities have been proposed with variable results, which include puncture and drainage of the cyst that gives transient improvement with an early recurrence, surgical excision,9 microdermabrasion and electrodessication with high risk of scarring, pulse dye laser,10 topical atropine,11 glycopyrrolate12 and scopolamine.13
High dose interferon alfa-2 has also been tried with variable result.11 Pulse dye laser may be an effective treatment modality for angioblastoma.12
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