pulmonary angiography

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pulmonary angiography

Pulmonary arteriography Imaging A technique in which radiocontrast is injected into the pulmonary arteries and its branches by percutaneous catheter placed in the internal jugular or the common femoral veins Indications Identification of PTE aneurysms, AV malformations, pulmonary artery stenosis
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Pulmonary angiography

An x-ray study of the lungs, performed by insertion of a catheter into a vein, through the heart, and into the pulmonary artery. Pulmonary angiography is performed to evaluate blood circulation to the lungs. It is also considered the most accurate diagnostic test for detecting a pulmonary embolism.
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Twenty-seven of the 32 patients (84.4%, massive [n=13], submassive [n=14]) returned the next day for follow-up pulmonary angiography (Fig.
Overall, CT pulmonary angiography was avoided --avoiding potential radiation exposure-related harms--in 39% of the patients, the investigators said, noting that the proportion of women avoiding the diagnostic test decreased from 65% for those evaluated in the third trimester, 46% in the second trimester, and 32% in the third.
KeyWords: Pulmonary embolism, Multidetector computed tomography, Computed tomography pulmonary angiography
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PCTA generates high-resolution images of the pulmonary vasculature down to the sixth-order sub-segmental level, thereby offering a variety of advantages over pulmonary angiography and V/Q scanning (10).
Pulmonary angiography is better in determining vasculature of individual PAVM, and carries the potential of treatment at the same time.
Acute respiratory distress syndrome occurs rarely, and it is of particular interest to anesthesiologists because it is characterized by fulminant flow especially in patients after surgery or pulmonary angiography. The incidence of ARDS after lung surgery is 11% in patients treated with amiodarone as compared with the 1.8% of those not treated in that way.
Following cardiopulmonary arrest, bilateral massive pulmonary embolism was documented in pulmonary angiography. Subsequent autopsy confirmed large clot in main pulmonary arteries and normal coronary arteries.
iDose4 Premium is also applicable during special procedures like CT cardiac angiography, and pulmonary angiography. The biggest impact of iDose4 Premium is in pediatric CT scans where it is ensures the safest dose protocols without compromising image quality and clinical information.
Addition of CT venography increases the gonadal radiation dose 500-fold in women and 2,000-fold in men compared to the dose from CT pulmonary angiography alone.
The BMJ is now running a series of intermittent articles looking at the risks and harms of overdiagnosis in a broad range of common conditions--the first of which is an article that suggests that the introduction of computed tomography pulmonary angiography led to an associated 80% rise in the detection of pulmonary emboli--many of which, the authors argue, do not need to be found.

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