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Nursing A wrap used with PAS® pump units to provide intermittent limb compression to prevent DVT in bedridden Pts and those undergoing major surgical procedures. See Deep vein thrombosis.
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It's a rousing and cinematic compilation with many highlights, such as the pulsating Pulstar, and the instantly recognisable Chariots Of Fire Theme, and film buffs will be pleased to see that Rutger Hauer's improvised Tears In Rain soliloquy from Blade Runner is included.
Pulstar automated, modular pultrusion systems with product envelopes from 8 x 6 in.
The Grail Engine Technologies' Grail 2-stroke engine design uses Pulstar pulse plugs.
We used a nuclear reactor (1 MW PULSTAR; American Machine and Foundry, New York, NY, USA) as the neutron source for the irradiation of toenail samples.
recently announced that its Pulstar pulse plug prototype has demonstrated improved fuel efficiency in testing when compared with conventional spark plugs.
Gutsmiedl, Technische Universitat Munchen 6:00-6:15 The UCN source at the North Carolina State University PULSTAR reactor B.
According to Genesis Fueltech, Polish electronics manufacturer APS Energia, Ltd., whose products include the "Pulstar" FC-based UPS system, will manage the project together with the Gdansk University of Technology.
The highlights of his 30-year career have now been compiled on Odyssey: The Definitive Collection, which includes his themes from such films as Chariots of Fire, Bladerunner, Conquest of Paradise, Mutiny on the Bounty and Missing alongside such other favourite tracks as Pulstar, Hymn, Alpha and L'Enfant.
and E-Coli, and then processed through the innovative Backus Pulstar pulsating pressure wash system.
Some preliminary experimental data were obtained from a trial experiment conducted on the Pultrusion Technology Incorporated (PTI) model Pulstar 804 pultruder in the composites laboratory facility located at the University of Mississippi.
of MMFG, Twinsburg, Ohio, has redesigned its Pulstar line of machines, creating two families - the 2000 EX and 2000 MX.
last year introduced its Pulstar Series 2000, which offers enhanced closed-loop, touchscreen control and SPC data (see PT, Oct.