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Abbreviation for punctum remotum.
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(punk'tum) plural.puncta [L.] Point.

punctum caecum

Blind spot (1).

puncta dolorosa

Painful points in the course of, or at the exit of, nerves affected by neuralgia.

punctum lacrimale

Lacrimal point.

punctum nasale inferius


punctum proximum

Abbreviation: P.P.
Visual accommodation near-point.

punctum remotum

Abbreviation: P.R.
Visual accommodation far-point.

punctum saliens

The first trace of the embryonic heart.

puncta vasculosa

Minute red areas that mark the cut surface of white central substance of the brain, caused by blood escaping from divided blood vessels.

punctum remotum

Abbreviation: P.R.
Visual accommodation far-point.
See also: punctum
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