Pudenz, Robert H.

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Robert H., U.S. neurosurgeon, 1911-1998.
Heyer-Pudenz valve - see under Heyer
Pudenz reservoir
Pudenz shunt
Pudenz tube
Pudenz valve - Synonym(s): Heyer-Pudenz valve
Pudenz ventricular catheter
Pudenz-Schulte thecoperitoneal shunt
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A Pudenz shunt was subsequently placed and she had a good recovery at 6 months of follow up.
She was offered neuroendoscopy for removal of the migrated shunt system along with revision of the shunt with a medium pressure Pudenz shunt. She had an uneventful recovery and is currently doing well at 6 months of follow up.
The patient previously had a Chhabra shunt in place which has been cited to have a migration incidence of 6.3%.6 The shunt was revised with a medium pressure Pudenz shunt which has a silicone elastomer diaphragm within the reservoir which we hoped would prevent retrograde migration as well as other complications associated with a Chhabra shunt.