Robert H., 20th-century U.S. neurosurgeon. See: Heyer-Pudenz valve.
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Epigenetic changes are also a prominent feature of cancer cells, and phytoestrogens are receiving increasing attention, including clinical trials, as epigenetic reprogrammers for cancer prevention and treatment in adults (Greenwald 2004; Pudenz et al.
Dahl wrote to his mother: "Do they have anything better in England, something less likely to block and clog?" There was an alternative in England, called a Pudenz.
Various types of shunts were used according to urgency, availability and priority of the scalp condition ranging from Pudenz burr hole valve tolow-profile delta valve and Chhabra valve.
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Hired were Cassandra Pudenz as a senior marketing specialist and Alexandra Guzik as a marketing specialist.
A Pudenz shunt was subsequently placed and she had a good recovery at 6 months of follow up.
Pudenz, "Tellurium hydrocephalus: distribution of tellurium-127m between maternal, fetal, and neonatal tissues of the rat," Experimental Neurology, vol.
Pudenz of Carroll, Iowa, repeatedly sought to expedite U.S.
Pudenz, worked with Kabul Regional Contracting Center (KRCC) to modify the contract to incorporate the new boot specifications.
For instance, extrusion of less flexible catheters, such as the Raimondi spring wire or simple silastic, have been reported in most cases, although extrusion of more flexible peritoneal catheters, such as the Holter and Pudenz, have also been implicated.