pubic tubercle

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1. a nodule or small eminence, especially one on a bone, for attachment of a tendon; see also tuber and tuberosity. Called also tuberculum. adj., adj tuber´cular, tuber´culate.
2. a small, rounded nodule produced by the bacillus of tuberculosis (Mycobacterium tuberculosis). It is made up of small spherical cells that contain giant cells and are surrounded by spindle-shaped epithelioid cells.
fibrous tubercle a tubercle of bacillary origin that contains connective tissue elements.
Ghon tubercle Ghon focus.
mental tubercle a prominence on the inner border of either side of the mental protuberance of the mandible.
miliary tubercle one of the many minute tubercles formed in many organs in acute miliary tuberculosis.
pubic tubercle a prominent tubercle at the lateral end of the pubic crest.
supraglenoid tubercle one on the scapula for attachment of the long head of the biceps muscle.
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pu·bic tu·ber·cle

a small palpable projection at the anterior extremity of the crest of the pubis about 2 cm from the symphysis; site of insertion of the inguinal ligament.
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pu·bic tu·ber·cle

(pyū'bik tū'bĕr-kĕl) [TA]
A small palpable projection at the anterior extremity of the crest of the pubis about 2 cm from the symphysis; site of insertion of the inguinal ligament.
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Any number of measures have been used to characterize differences in pelvic morphology, including pubic arch angle, diameter of the pelvic inlet, pelvic depth (i.e., anterior-posterior distance between the pubic tubercles and posterior superior iliac spines [PSISs]), and distance between the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) (Figure 1) [11-13].
For example, pelvic depth was measured in the sagittal plane between two reference lines--that is, a reference line between the most anterior projection of the right and left pubic tubercles and a reference line between the most posterior projections of the right and left PSIS (Figure 1).
This included a structural assessment of pelvic alignment in the sitting, standing, supine and prone positions; an evaluation of the heights of the iliac crests, the posterior and anterior superior iliac spine, pubic tubercles, ischial tuberosities, and inferior lateral angles of the sacrum; as well as both active and passive range of motion of the lumbar spine and hips, and strength and flexibility of the pelvic and spinal stabilizers.
On physical examination, compression over the symphysis pubis, sacroiliac joints, and pubic tubercles produces pelvic instability, excessive pelvic mobility, and low back pain that radiates to the buttocks.
Given the large size of the defect, a large Proloop plug[R] was placed with an antibiotic vancomycin soak and stitched to the pubic tubercle. A histopathological examination of the appendix showed inflammatory changes including serosal congestion, edema, and fibrosis, consistent with chronic appendicitis with superimposed reactive features of hernia sac adipose tissue due to hernia incarceration (Figure 3).
CT may also be used to differentiate a DGH from an Amyand hernia with Wechsler and colleagues suggesting that differentiation may be performed on the basis of the relationship between the hernia sac and pubic tubercle on CT images [16, 17].