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He employs medically appropriate terms; Preeb and Pube use slang and widely accepted terms, guaranteeing that the book is accessible to its audience.
She pulled off my collared shirt, slid her hand under my jeans, her nails running lightly through my pubes. My skin there jumped.
She could flash her pubes, head of the Medusa; get a reaction, just a little more than a nod from his handsome face.
These extend from the symphisis pubes at the front, around the sides of the bony pelvis and attach to the coccyx at the rear.
He was raised by feminists.) I bought some medicine from TJ that turned my pubes blue.
She reclines, with eyes open, breasts and pubic hair, or pubes, on display (1905; Pl.
There's profit in shaving those pubes now that straight men have gotten into the act: witness that the major razor manufacturers are actively promoting just this application.
Like most of the guys in the room, you shave your crotch--you've done so ever since sophomore year when Kangaroo Court fined you a case of beer for having "1970s pubes." It's not to please the girls--nor is it, as a lit theory classmate of yours has suggested, a sick desire for pre-pubescence.
Regina Literata, Rex Platonicus Illic laeta parat pubes spectacula, Scenae Materiam veteris, multiplicesque iocos, Et Tragicam ferri rabiem, querelosque Cothurnos, Moesta quibus tristi funera clade sonant.