psyllium seed

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1. the mature ovule of a flowering plant.
2. semen.
3. a small cylindrical shell of gold or other suitable material, used in application of radiation therapy.
4. to inoculate a culture medium with microorganisms.
plantago seed (plantain seed) (psyllium seed) cleaned, dried ripe seed of species of Plantago; used as a bulk-forming laxative.
radon seed a small sealed container for radon, for insertion into the tissues of the body in radiotherapy.
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psyl·li·um seed

(sil'ē-ŭm sēd),
The cleaned, dried ripe seed of Plantago indica, P. isphagula, or of P. ovata. A mild cathartic that acts by absorbing water and providing indigestible mucilaginous bulk for the intestines. Must not be used in intestinal obstruction.
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psyllium seed

The dried ripe seed of the psyllium plant (Plantago afra), grown in France, Spain, and India; used as a mild laxative. It is also used in symptomatic treatment of diarrhea. It enhances stool consistency by absorbing water from the bowel contents.
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Almost three years ago, FDA gave processors the green light on a claim linking diets high in soluble fiber from oat bran and whole oats with a reduced risk of CHD, it was quickly followed by approval of the same claim for soluble fiber from psyllium seed husks.
Finally there is Total Bran and All Your Fibre, containing psyllium seed husks, pumpkin seeds, bran sticks and flax seeds in a muesli base.