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Term for an older style of therapy, posited as the opposite of psychoanalysis, stressing the restoration of useful inhibitions and of the id to its rightful place in relation to the ego.
[psycho- + synthesis]


a form of psychotherapy that focuses on three levels of the unconscious-lower, middle, and higher unconscious, or superconscious. The goal of the treatment is the re-creation or integration of the personality.


A mental health philosophy developed in the early 20th century by Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli. Psychosynthesis is a four-step process that requires thorough self-knowledge, self-control, realisation of one’s inner self (resulting in the creation of a “unifying centre”) and psychosynthesis, the final stage, in which the personality is reconstructed around the unifying centre. Assagioli viewed a person as having a psychic structure with three layers: an unconscious and a conscious self, which is connected directly with a transpersonal self that interacts with others, known as the collective unconscious.

Psychosynthesis focuses less on the morbid symptoms of a particular disease, and more on resolving the malfunction of a person who is presumed to be fundamentally healthy.

psychosynthesis (sīˈ·kō·sinˑ·th·sis),

n an approach in psychology developed by Roberto Assagioli, in which the goal is to help individuals accomplish a fusion of the various parts of their personality into a more cohesive self. A great deal of emphasis is placed on the person's spiritual dimension or higher self as a source of inspiration, wisdom, unconditional love, and meaning in life. Also found in psychosynthesis is the idea that the universe is orderly and structured to promote the evolution of consciousness. Similarly, individual lives have purpose and meaning, and each individual can discover this.
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She went into psychosynthesis partly "for my own psychosynthesis", her own self-development.
The psychosynthesis model of helping patients disidentify and therefore disown suicidal thoughts is compatible with interventions that use mindfulness-based cognitive therapy training to teach patients to experience their thoughts as just passing through their consciousness without taking ownership of them.
Coverage progresses from personality and developmental theory, through the death and rebirth of the therapist and five stages of psychosynthesis.
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Metaphor has played a significant part in therapy and self development for many years, contributing to Jungian therapy, NLP, transpersonal psychology, psychosynthesis and, for thousands of years, healing rituals and techniques.
This is Assagioli's transpersonal psychosynthesis and Maslow's transcending self-actualization.
Over two long weekends and a mid-week evening, we were led through a series of processes, drawing from Gestalt, psychodrama, psychoanalysis, psychosynthesis, hypnosis, Eastern religions, group therapy, and so on, in which we came to recognize undeniably how much of how we experience life is of our own making.
She also went on to study Psychosynthesis Counselling, a discipline she describes as "psychology with a soul".
There are models that describe how spirituality fits with the overall psychological functioning of the individual, including Psychosynthesis (Firman & Vargiu, 1996), Wellness (Chandler, Holden, & Kolander, 1992), and Transpersonal (Walsh & Vaughn, 1996).
Helpful interventions here are transactional analysis, behavior modification, psychosynthesis, voice dialogue, and gestalt and rational emotive behavior therapy.
This study evaluated the effects of a burnout prevention program specifically aimed at highly motivated individuals in the danger zone for burnout and was based on insights from transpersonal psychology, notably psychosynthesis.