stress inoculation

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stress in·oc·u·la·tion

in clinical psychology, an approach intended to provide patients with cognitive and attitudinal skills that they can use to cope with stress.
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Psychological resilience refers to an individual's capacity or tendency to thrive in the face of adversity (Connor & Davidson, 2003), or to positively adapt in response to stress or trauma (Luthar, Cicchetti, & Becker, 2000; Campbell-Sills & Stein, 2007) and it's presence may confer protection against the development of a variety of adverse mental health conditions including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (Hoge, Austin, & Pollack, 2007; King, King, Fairbank, Keane, & Adams, 1998; Pietrzak, Goldstein, Malley, Johnson, & Southwick, 2009; Waysman, Schwarzwald, & Solomon 2001).
The program was designed as a youth intervention project to instil psychological resilience and leadership skills.
This study examined some student-related variables (interest in higher education, psychological resilience and study habit) as predictors of academic achievement among 131 (M (mean) = 28.17, SD (standard deviation) = 1.61) first year psychology students in the Introduction to Developmental Psychology class in UWI (The University of the West Indies), Cave Hill Campus, Barbados.
Increased psychological resilience may help older adults better adapt to changes as they age (Box).
Psychological resilience and protective mechanisms.
OSC focuses on prevention, or building psychological resilience. Resilience is defined as the human capacity to prepare for, recover from and adjust to life in the face of stress, adversity or trauma.
The objective of the program, called Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training (MMFT), is to cultivate greater psychological resilience or "mental armor" by strengthening mindfulness.
Topics include psychological screening, resilience and military psychiatry, the stresses of modern war, resilience through leadership, adaptations to stress and psychobiological mechanisms of resilience, the psychophysiology of stress, resilience and survival in extreme environments, genetic and environmental risk factors for post traumatic stress disorder, resilience and personality, cognitive performance and resilience, social structure conditions and psychological resilience. The closing article delineates the state of the possible in resilience.
Moreover, their main qualities should be resistance - the ability to hold out - and the psychological resilience to deal successfully with an "intense" situation and to respond to it by exerting the best possible control.
Hypothesis 2: Job search assertiveness in the face of adversity (more months job searching) will be higher for those unemployed persons who score higher on the psychological resilience scale.
The whole occasion fell flat and Moseley must now show as much psychological resilience in midweek as they do when they guard their try-line at the weekend.
This can sap them of their psychological resilience and cause them to become very despondent.

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