psychogenic polydipsia

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psy·cho·gen·ic pol·y·dip·si·a

excessive fluid consumption resulting from a disorder of the personality, without demonstrable organic lesion.

psychogenic polydipsia


excessive thirst manifested by excessive water intake. The histories that accompany animal patients are often inaccurate on this point and should be qualified quantitatively.

compensatory polydipsia
one caused by an obligatory polyuria.
drug-induced polydipsia
diuretics, corticosteroids, salt, vitamin D, and megestrol acetate may cause a polyuria and, secondarily, a polydipsia.
primary polydipsia
excessive water drinking in hyperactive, stressed dogs. See also psychogenic diabetes insipidus.
psychogenic polydipsia
horses confined in a stall and having little or no exercise may drink excessively from boredom, up to three times normal amounts. It may also occur in dogs, apparently from psychological causes, with large amounts of water a day being consumed and a corresponding polyuria with a large volume of dilute urine produced. Yet, when water intake is restricted normal tubular function with concentration of urine is possible. See also psychogenic diabetes insipidus.
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