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A popular term for what some experts in human behaviour regard as nebulous, uncertain, or low-value words and phrases often used by non-degreed persons who ‘practice psychology’ over the air waves
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Psycho-babble and good-intentioned 'winning strategies' are just like those horse-racing tipster and stock-picker tips: great business for those selling but will the buyer really get a benefit?
Hystereo-talk, trash-talk, psycho-babble, it's all the same Excited States of Americano to us here in the chilled out upper terminal states, when the local eye in the sky air-head breaks in after the OK Tire ads with "what's your sign," I say "what's your frequency," & it feels like it's doing giant copter-blade-wheelies into my head & its payload wriggles & slithers like the United Snakes of the World.
Beware of any training that is cloaked in psycho-babble ("Learn metacognition for successful androgynous coaching").
To quote Rebecca Eden Crawford of Yardley, Pennsylvania, the martyrdom we're talking about here is not the product of "late 20th-century psycho-babble," which "has bastardized the true meaning of martyrdom.
They'll indulge in a little psycho-babble, noting that it takes both members of a dyad to create a dysfunctional arena (or, in Oldspeak, it takes two to tango).
She quotes Freud frequently, but her analyses are superficial and she often lapses into psycho-babble.
Amid torrents of psycho-babble tosh about "triangles", the Doc concluded: "Her relationship with the media is a cause for concern.
Tiger was trying to use some psycho-babble, I think, to scare his competitors.
So I've decided to read a couple of books on psycho-babble and shout at people who enjoy public humiliation.
That's a serious outbreak of psycho-babble and now there are rumours Hollywood's golden couple may split.
One of the reasons I tuned in to watch the 100 metres men's final at Delhi was a quiet confidence that such psycho-babble could not to be applied to a sprint of 10 seconds.
DEAR, Dear Gods of Sanctimonious Gibbering, save us from LA psycho-babble.