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A popular term for what some experts in human behaviour regard as nebulous, uncertain, or low-value words and phrases often used by non-degreed persons who ‘practice psychology’ over the air waves
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(Most everyone with a TV did watch, but much of the comic brio was sacrificed in favor of self-reverence and psycho-babble.)
Psycho-babble and good-intentioned 'winning strategies' are just like those horse-racing tipster and stock-picker tips: great business for those selling but will the buyer really get a benefit?
Hystereo-talk, trash-talk, psycho-babble, it's all the same Excited States of Americano to us here in the chilled out upper terminal states, when the local eye in the sky air-head breaks in after the OK Tire ads with "what's your sign," I say "what's your frequency," & it feels like it's doing giant copter-blade-wheelies into my head & its payload wriggles & slithers like the United Snakes of the World.
Beware of any training that is cloaked in psycho-babble ("Learn metacognition for successful androgynous coaching").
Because of the academic psycho-babble that interspersed their conversation, it seemed to me that it was just putting fancy coating on old fashioned intolerance, just with academic lettering.
To quote Rebecca Eden Crawford of Yardley, Pennsylvania, the martyrdom we're talking about here is not the product of "late 20th-century psycho-babble," which "has bastardized the true meaning of martyrdom.
If a woman heartlessly plays fast and loose with her fiance, trading him in for a richer, better-looking model but hanging on to his grandmother's heirloom engagement ring as a keepsake, most of their social circle will studiously try to avoid "taking sides." They'll indulge in a little psycho-babble, noting that it takes both members of a dyad to create a dysfunctional arena (or, in Oldspeak, it takes two to tango).
She quotes Freud frequently, but her analyses are superficial and she often lapses into psycho-babble.
Amid torrents of psycho-babble tosh about "triangles", the Doc concluded: "Her relationship with the media is a cause for concern." In the understatements of the century charts...
Tiger was trying to use some psycho-babble, I think, to scare his competitors.
So I've decided to read a couple of books on psycho-babble and shout at people who enjoy public humiliation.
That's a serious outbreak of psycho-babble and now there are rumours Hollywood's golden couple may split.