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A popular term for what some experts in human behaviour regard as nebulous, uncertain, or low-value words and phrases often used by non-degreed persons who ‘practice psychology’ over the air waves
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They'll indulge in a little psycho-babble, noting that it takes both members of a dyad to create a dysfunctional arena (or, in Oldspeak, it takes two to tango).
She quotes Freud frequently, but her analyses are superficial and she often lapses into psycho-babble.
Tiger was trying to use some psycho-babble, I think, to scare his competitors.
You can snigger at Rodgers' lapses into psycho-babble and sentimentality.
So I've decided to read a couple of books on psycho-babble and shout at people who enjoy public humiliation.
That's a serious outbreak of psycho-babble and now there are rumours Hollywood's golden couple may split.
One of the reasons I tuned in to watch the 100 metres men's final at Delhi was a quiet confidence that such psycho-babble could not to be applied to a sprint of 10 seconds.
DEAR, Dear Gods of Sanctimonious Gibbering, save us from LA psycho-babble.
The psycho-babble about chemistry and momentum and carryover effects doesn't wash in baseball, as the Red Sox have shown with unpredictable consistency throughout their long history.
The series would have worked better with more swimming and less psycho-babble.
The ending is ridiculously schmaltzy, as is the psycho-babble he spouts about 'the candle of truth' and curing a grieving man with a shopping spree.
He, on the other hand, is quietly controlling, offering psycho-babble when a hot meal and shared tears might be more consoling.