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In his 1913 paper, "The Claims of Psycho-Analysis to the interest of the non-psychological sciences" however, it is difficult to decide whether education is a form of psychology or that educators have forgotten their own psychology.
Moreover, what psycho-analysis called sexuality was by no means identical with the impulsion towards a union of the two sexes or towards producing a pleasurable sensation in the genitals; it had far more resemblance to the all-inclusive and all-preserving Eros of Plato's Symposium (SE 19:218).
Psycho-analysis and feminism is rigorous, thorough and bracing.
While it is well documented that Arlen was not productive as a composer after Anya Taranda Arlen's passing in 1970, it seems that only a filmmaker with a propensity toward depression and psycho-analysis would choose to spend an entire 78 minutes on hallucinogenic-like moments during the unproductive time of a brilliant career such as Arlen's.
Melanie Klein, Contributions to Psycho-Analysis 1921-1945, London, Hogarth Press, 1948.
With this new method of psycho-analysis, Freud endeavoured to heal his patients by shedding light into the murky dark of the subconscious.
This is discussed by Freud in his Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis, especially in "Fixation to Traumas--the Unconscious," where he writes that "patients regularly repeat the traumatic situation in their dreams" (340).
5) Writing about the nineteenth century Italian art expert Giovanni Morelli who developed a new method to ascertain the authorship of paintings attributed to the old masters by paying close attention not to the most obvious characteristics of a subject of art, but to seemingly trivial details, such as earlobes, fingernails, fingers and toes--Ginzburg notes that even Freud accorded the morellian technique of studying marginal or trivial data a privileged position in psycho-analysis.
The recurring nightmare of seeing Roy Makaay's swirling cross beat him at the post might have sent another player into psycho-analysis, spiritual guidance or any other emotional crutch to get him over the horror of losing a last-minute goal that spelt defeat for their team.
For Pardes, the stages of Israel's journey through the wilderness reflect classic stages of human development as outlined by Freudian psycho-analysis, including the desire to stay close to the mother, and anxiety over the conflict with the father.
Bion sent this paper to the International Journal of Psycho-Analysis in mid-December 1958.
Second Force Psychology is presently the theory underlying the use of psycho-analysis throughout the health care facilities of the world, and serves as the principal means for health care with individuals displaying psychiatric disorders (Taylor, 1962).