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Health fraud A practice associated with ‘spirit healing’ in the rural Philippines—and elsewhere—where certain persons allegedly act as mediums for healing forces, allowing them to perform surgery using their fingers and unsterile tools without violating the skin surface
Paranormal Some cases of PS defy explanation, especially Ze Arigo—José de Freitas; he was investigated by physicians and health authorities, who found that his methods conformed to standards of medical care, and the therapies were effective
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On page 80 of The PK Zone, she writes, "Brazil and the Philippines are the two countries where one hears the most about psychic surgeons (McClenon, 1994)" and then on page 82 refers to how Brazilian psychic surgery is different and cites the same source to back the claim.
So do phenomena like healers and psychic surgeons halting cancers and other fatal illnesses.
and in Spain tolerate such claptrap, it would be well for them to look about them here and notice the "psychic surgeons" from the Philippines, the homeopaths in prominent social circles, the acupuncture and moxibustion clinics and other quackeries that infest our own shores.
Labo is known jokingly in the grapevine as the Elvis Presley of psychic surgeons. "He looks like a kind of movie star with a Beatles haircut and two gold chains around his neck and gold rings on his fingers.
In such countries as Brazil, psychic surgeons use knives to make an incision on the patient's body.
I have seen many Filipino psychic surgeons open up a patient's body with their bare hands, take out tissues or clots and close the incision without any trace at all.
Willis Harman, to present my research findings on the controversial Philippine faith healers and psychic surgeons, and I flew to Sausalito for that purpose.
For example, he considered all Filipino psychic surgeons fakes.