Psychic Surgery

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Health fraud A practice associated with ‘spirit healing’ in the rural Philippines—and elsewhere—where certain persons allegedly act as mediums for healing forces, allowing them to perform surgery using their fingers and unsterile tools without violating the skin surface
Paranormal Some cases of PS defy explanation, especially Ze Arigo—José de Freitas; he was investigated by physicians and health authorities, who found that his methods conformed to standards of medical care, and the therapies were effective
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Because it defies all known and accepted laws of physics, biology, medical science and logic, psychic surgery is regarded as fraudulent or a product of trickery and deception.
Another example would be Heath's reviews of DCBD and psychic surgery. In the first, the instant healing of wounds from skewers suggests to Heath that "the paranormal aspect of the feat may be the wounding itself" and its rapid healing (MMI, p.
We begin to move into the realm where the patient's own ability to heal and the power of the mind become more significant, until we reach the outer edge of "alternative" medicine with channeled information and psychic surgery.
One of those who underwent psychic surgery was Stephen Turoff, an English spiritual healer.
Chapter 6 describes McClenon's journey to the Philippines to undergo psychic surgery. (We are relieved to hear it did him no harm.) I have a friend who was operated on there and who was convinced something real happened, but one can understand the items of McClenon's dislike.
For example, only in the Philippines is the phenomenon of bare-handed psychic surgery found.
And this probably explains why, even today, the Philippines has a lot of paranormal and psychic phenomena that are unique and cannot be found in other countries, such as bare-handed psychic surgery.
I was invited to accompany Filipino spiritual healer Jun Labo who demonstrated his controversial method of psychic surgery. I was excited when I learned that Geller was a guest speaker.
Philippine faith healers and psychic surgeons also go into a trance before they perform psychic surgery.
As a young boy, I was extremely and inexplicably fascinated by people who were able to access information or perform tasks ordinary people could not, like predict future events accurately, read the minds of others, or open up a patient's body through psychic surgery without the use of instruments.
I accompanied the Filipino faith healer, Emilio Laporga, who was invited to demonstrate his healing practice of psychic surgery before a conference held in that city.
I have observed that faith healers who perform psychic surgery or those who walk on fire or have themselves crucified are in an altered state of consciousness, which makes them immune to bodily pain and other normal biological processes.