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The classification of mental illnesses and behavioral disorders.
[psycho- + G. nosos, disease, + logos, study]
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When our patient was evaluated for current psychiatric nosology co-existence of borderline personality disorder and dissociative personality disorder may have been considered.
All things considered, though, Axis I entities that mandate careful evaluation of the intentions underlying self-harm would appear to advance the field of psychiatric nosology.
These systems served to bring a degree of order into the confusion of psychiatric nosology, and strove to meet, at least to some extent, the criteria of reliability and objectivity in order for psychiatry to achieve its scientific aspirations.
Unfortunately, however, that vote did not signal the absolute end of the psychiatric stigmatization of homosexuality; shortly afterward, during the height of feminists' critiques of traditional gender roles, APA agreed to introduce gender identity disorder into the psychiatric nosology.
He made the disease model of homosexuality the target of Washington Mattachine activism, which would eventually result in the removal of homosexuality from the psychiatric nosology in 1973.
Psychiatric nosology in nineteenth-century India certainly took gender into account.
Finally, it will be suggested that several prominent issues and concerns in psychiatric nosology resonate profoundly with those that have concerned, and continue to interest, library classificationists.
Standard psychiatric nosology is augmented by presenting a "framework of mental retardation equivalents" to assist in understanding depression in those with Down Syndrome.
Meanwhile, the emergence of the DMDD diagnosis can be seen as a symptom of a deeper problem in psychiatric nosology.
7) Ongoing analyses of the WMHS data should be important in helping to revise current psychiatric nosology.
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