Severe psychological pain
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Topic discussed include a brief history of completed suicides, expanding the epidemiological lens from prevalence rates to correlates, suicide trajectory model and psychache, research on the suicidal behavior of students with gifts and talents, the personal experience of students with gifts and talents, toward a model of suicidal behavior for students with gifts and talents, and preventing suicide among students with gifts and talents.
Comparing psychache, depression, and hopelessness in their associations with suicidality: A test of Shneidman's theory of suicide.
The interpretation of the disparities reported here is also informed by a phenomenon in suicide, described as psychache by Shneidman (1993).
In addition the detail of the notion of psychache is informed by neurobiological aspects of suicide (Mann (2005) provides a relatively non-technical account of this technical literature).
Is psychache but a part of a more general phenomenon?
Can any post hoc gathering of information ever let us understand the psychache that leads to suicide if we have never felt it ourselves?
Setting an emotional tone for the counseling session that acknowledges the psychache can help clients move toward more collaborative problem-solving.
Through emotional ventilation and acknowledgement of the psychache, counselors send an important message: the goal of this tier of intervention is not to get rid of all disturbing thoughts or feelings, but to teach the client to "make room for them and do what needs to be done to get on with life" (Chiles & Strosahl, 2005, p.
One possibility in this regard is to more strongly consider the use of the psychache construct as representing the psychological motivational component.
Perhaps what is most important is the need to refine the psychological component of the model by increasing its connection to the psychache construct as conceptualized by Shneidman (1996) and emphasizing Murray's (1938) taxonomy of psychological needs.
Perspectives on suicidology: Further reflections on suicide and psychache.