Severe psychological pain
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Shneidman (1993) says that suicide is the consequence of overwhelming, uncontrollable psychological pain called psychache, defined as psychological pain attaining an intolerable intensity.
Does psychache mediate the relationship between general distress and suicide ideation?.
One of the most poignant contributions to the literature on suicide was Shneidman's (1993) term psychache to refer to "hurt, anguish, soreness, aching, psychological pain in the psyche, the mind.
Topic discussed include a brief history of completed suicides, expanding the epidemiological lens from prevalence rates to correlates, suicide trajectory model and psychache, research on the suicidal behavior of students with gifts and talents, the personal experience of students with gifts and talents, toward a model of suicidal behavior for students with gifts and talents, and preventing suicide among students with gifts and talents.
Other contributions from this field include the concept/term, "psychache" coined by Shneidman (65) which refers to the unpleasant state of mind (which may or may not involve mental disorder) which precedes the completion of suicide.
Suicide as psychache. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 181, 145-147.
Suicidal experiences of meaninglessness have been described as a state of psychache [14], human suffering [15], and emotional pain [16].
The interpretation of the disparities reported here is also informed by a phenomenon in suicide, described as psychache by Shneidman (1993).
Edwin Schneidman also coined the term "psychache." It was a word he used as a label for a kind of unremitting psychological pain.
Acknowledge the psychache. Edwin Shneidman, the father of suicidology, coined the term "psychache" for the extreme psychological pain of the suicidal person (2005).
The psychological domain can best be understood in terms of Shneidman's (1993) concept of "psychache," which refers to intense psychological pain and the perception that death is the only possible form of relief.