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Neuroptera, Collembola, and Psocoptera occurred in S.
Because of the diversity of habitat preferences in trees and mobility among species of Psocoptera, 3 sampling methods were selected to capture a wide range of psocopteran species and were executed monthly from Nov 2005 through Sep 2008.
3% of the species (307) and 41% of the families of Psocoptera documented in North America (Mockford 1993; Lienhard & Smithers 2002).
Most species of Psocoptera found in association with eastern hemlock in the southern Appalachians exist on a variety of vegetative hosts, and as such their population numbers should be minimally impacted by any decline in eastern hemlock populations.
Araneae, Coleoptera, Psocoptera, and holometabolous insect larvae) were significantly more abundant near logs than away from logs.
Two species of Psocoptera, Ectopsocus briggsi McLachlan 1899, and Trichopsocus dahi (McLachlan 1867) have been found for the first time on citrus leaves in 2 agricultural regions of Iran: Gonbad-e Kavous of Golestan Province and Sari of Mazandaran Province.
New genera of Psocoptera (Insecta), from Mexico, Belize and Ecuador (Psoquillidae, Ptiloneuridae, Lachesillidae).