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Chapter 11 returns to pseudoscience to debunk Creationism, Atlantis, lie-detectors, and similar such nonsense that wa too many gullible people believe in.
It's clearly pseudoscience designed to give an extra sales gimmick," he added.
Thus, he cautions, scientists would be well advised to be as vigilant in exposing and repudiating evolutionism as much as any other pseudoscience.
Although some cryptozoologists strive for legitimacy, cryptozoology has never been fully accepted by the scientific community and is perceived as a pseudoscience by mainstream biologists.
She has popularised the vaguest forms of spiritualism and pseudoscience, and masked a commercial empire behind a faiade of homeliness.
The lack of convincing scientific evidence supporting homeopathy's efficacy, and its use of remedies lacking active ingredients have caused homeopathy to be described as pseudoscience in some circles.
Gardner's writ ran wide; he seemed to write about everything: math (he wrote Scientific American's "Mathematical Games" column for over twenty-five years), science, technology, pseudoscience, fiction, poetry, language, philosophy, politics, history, magic, popular culture, the Zeitgeist.
Martin Gardner, a journalist whose omnivorous curiosity gave rise to wide-ranging writings that popularized mathematics, explored theology and philosophy, and debunked pseudoscience, died May 22 at a hospital in Norman, Okla.
Chapter 8 analyzes the relation between pseudoscience and postmodernism, and investigates how extreme skepticism can abet extreme credulity, using a series of detailed case studies: pseudoscientific therapies in nursing and 'alternative medicine'; Hindu nationalist pseudoscience in India; and radical environmentalism.
to global warming)," Walsh reminds his readers, in that infuriating way that global-warming pseudoscience has of avoiding falsifiability.
To this extent, psychoanalysis remains a pseudoscience whose diagnoses and cures shift with the sands of public opinion.