Pseudomonas diminuta

Pseu·do·mo·nas di·mi·nu·'ta

a bacterial species found primarily in clinical specimens, rarely in water.
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Brevundimonas diminuta

A gram-negative, Pseudomonas-like colistin-resistant emerging pathogen, which may be isolated from clinical specimens—e.g., from the lungs of patients with cystic fibrosis or infective endocarditis.
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This enzyme has been isolated from many organisms, but only the one from Pseudomonas diminuta was cloned and expressed in a recombinant E.
found a mutant of CPC acylase activity from Pseudomonas diminuta N176, Ala675Gly showed 1.12-fold compared with its wild type (7); Golden et al.
by southern hybridization with opd from Pseudomonas diminuta. Appl.
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We ourselves reported a squid-like enzyme from Pseudomonas diminuta that hydrolyzes the P-S bond of the VX-type nerve agents ([R.sub.1][R.sub.2]P(= O)S[R.sub.3]) and, more to the point, hydrolyzes DFP about eight times faster than Soman (2).
FDA defines a sterile filter as "A filter when challenged with bacterial pseudomonas diminuta at a concentration of atleast 1x10 to the power 7 per square centimeter of the effective filter area produces a sterile effluent."
Recently we reported an organophosphorus hydrolase (OPH) from Pseudomonas diminuta that hydrolyzes VX and Tetriso, and also DFP and Soman (2).
The purification of an enzyme, organophosphorus hydrolase (OPH), derived from Pseudomonas diminuta through genetic manipulations and biochemical alterations, is the work of Wild and colleagues (5) who have also made the enzyme available to us.
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