Pseudomonas diminuta

Pseu·do·mo·nas di·mi·nu·'ta

a bacterial species found primarily in clinical specimens, rarely in water.

Brevundimonas diminuta

A gram-negative, Pseudomonas-like colistin-resistant emerging pathogen, which may be isolated from clinical specimens—e.g., from the lungs of patients with cystic fibrosis or infective endocarditis.
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The LiqTech membrane filter has been challenged with a Pseudomonas diminuta suspension corresponding to the concentration of 10[sup.
Enzymatic hydrolysis of organophosphates: cloning and expression of a parathion hydrolase gene from Pseudomonas diminuta .
FDA defines a sterile filter as "A filter when challenged with bacterial pseudomonas diminuta at a concentration of atleast 1x10 to the power 7 per square centimeter of the effective filter area produces a sterile effluent.
FDA definition for a "Sterile Filter" does dictate the minimum challenge level of pseudomonas diminuta but can not quantitify flow rate.
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