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A philosophy described by Nobel laureate Murray Gell-Mann as ‘the dissociation of belief from evidence’
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Let us spread true knowledge and correct modes of reasoning, lest we be totally drowned in superstitions and pseudo-science.
Montfort said: "Pseudo-science picks up where old traditional science has failed.
Pseudo-science too-The Thing about Thugs uses the 19th-century fad of phrenology, or skull- reading.
* Michael Williams was suggested for top TEA job a decade ago to fight "pseudo-science" and liberal textbook bias (The Dallas Morning News): "Michael L.
Despite a multitude of data that continually eviscerates the pseudo-science behind manmade warming, illustrating again that the Earth has gone through natural cycles since its very genesis, climate-change snake oil salesmen continue to ignore real science to pursue their political agenda of exploiting heartfelt environmental concerns for profit and power.
Astronomers and physicists dismiss astrology as pseudo-science. But with the occurrence of a 8.9-earthquake in Japan that triggered a tsunami and numerous aftershocks just last week, the old debate is reignited.
However, he was far more influenced by such things as the pseudo-science of eugenics and the philosophy of Nietzsche, which saw religion as effete and decadent.
Moreover, the use of large-scale language corpora, second nature to linguists, is alien to most students of the stage, who are prone to see corpus linguistics as a pseudo-science devoted to the breaking of butterflies on wheels.
While various religions and cultures have their own creation myths, mostly written back in the Bronze Age, there are now Creationists who are inventing pseudo-science based on their interpretation of the Bible or other ancient books, and attempting to wedge this into the teaching of evidence-based science.
In the latter part of the 20th century, the pseudo-science psychiatry and its cousin psychology insinuated themselves into our educational system with disastrous effects.
Percy alleges that analysis is, a pseudo-science without offering any evidence.
But the final section, exploring "racism, rationalism and pseudo-science" is energising enough to give even the weariest gallery visitor a second wind.

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