intestinal pseudoobstruction

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in·tes·ti·nal pseu·do·ob·struc·tion

clinical manifestations falsely suggesting obstruction of the small intestine, usually occurring in patients with multiple jejunal diverticula.
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Appalaneni, "The role of endoscopy in the management of patients with known and suspected colonic obstruction and pseudo-obstruction," Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, vol.
Chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction is described as an amalgam of congenital syndromes characterized by severe intestinal dysmotility with frequent symptoms of obstruction [8, 9].
Isfoss, "Familial visceral myopathy diagnosed by exome sequencing of a patient with chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction," Endoscopy, vol.
Indications for caecostomy include palliation of malignant bowel obstruction, decompression in chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction, and administration of anterograde continence enemas in patients with defecation disorders, particularly in patients with spinal cord injury or severe disability [2-4].
FGID in the intestine include intestinal pseudo-obstruction, postoperative ileus, and irritable bowel syndrome.
It may be classified as dynamic obstruction (mechanical obstruction) or adynamic obstruction (paralytic ileus and pseudo-obstruction).
Intestinal tract complications such as mesenteric ischemia, paralytic ileus, colonic ischemia, pseudo-obstruction, gangrene, and perforation in the terminal ileum and cecum have been reported as case reports with CCB overdose in previous studies (2, 4-7).
Chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction can also present as surgical emergency.
This study will retrospectively look for differences in the patterns of patients who develop an ileus (also called an intestinal pseudo-obstruction) and patients who have normal return of GI activity following surgery that could be used to predict who might develop ileus.
Now the Winlaton schoolboy has been diagnosed with intestinal pseudo-obstruction, an extremely rare illness with symptoms that suggest a blockage, or obstruction, of the bowel.
Motor complications can be somatic including cranial like Ramsay-Hunt syndrome and peripheral like segmental paresis of the limbs diaphragm or abdominal musculature and visceral involving the gastrointestinal and urinary tract resulting in colonic pseudo-obstruction and bladder dysfunction.

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