Alexander, Russian otologist, 1839-1897. See: Prussak fibers, Prussak pouch, Prussak space.
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Hence, effective knowledge management (KM) practices are essential in these organisations (see Tiemessen, Lane, Crossan, & Inkpen, 1997; Davenport & Prussak, 1998).
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On the other hand, severe retractions in the posterosuperior quadrant (Prussak space), which increase the risk of cholesteatoma development, were significantly more common in the conservative group (40 vs.
In June of that year, her adopted daughter, Deirdre Prussak, decided to move Anna to live with her in Rosedale Beach, a seaside hamlet 200 miles south of Sydney, Australia.
But Canada's loss is Australia's gain, since Russell is now enjoying life in the warmer climes of New South Wales with her daughter, Deirdre Prussak. The divine Anna is already well ensconced there.