Prunus virginiana

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Pru·nus vir·gi·ni·an·a

1. wild black cherry bark, the bark of Prunus serotina, used as a tonic and in cough mixtures as a bronchial sedative;
2. the choke cherry; the chief substitute and adulterant of Prunus serotina.
A deciduous shrub, the bark of which contains coumarins, cyanogenic glycosides, prussic acid, tannins, and volatile oil; it is antitussive, and an ingredient of cough syrups
Toxicity The pits and leaves contain hydrocyanic acid—which metabolizes to cyanide, causing incoordination, imbalance, possibly death

Prunus virginiana,

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Shrubs were Aronia prunnifolia (chokeberry), Gaylussacia baccata (black huckleberry), Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel), Malus coronaria (American crab), Prunus virginiana (choke cherry), Rosa carolina (pasture rose), Vacciniam angustifolium (early low blueberry), and V.
In our study, mite distribution was related to domatia on leaves of Prunus virginiana, but overall mite abundance was lower than on leaves of its congener, P.