Prunus serotina

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Pru·nus ser·o·ti·na

the wild black cherry; a botanic source of wild cherry. See: Prunus virginiana.
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A deciduous shrub, the bark of which contains coumarins, cyanogenic glycosides, prussic acid, tannins, and volatile oil; it is antitussive, and an ingredient of cough syrups
Toxicity The pits and leaves contain hydrocyanic acid—which metabolizes to cyanide, causing incoordination, imbalance, possibly death
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The following groups of species were tested: entire margins - Cornus florida, Fagus grandifolia, Cercis canadensis, and Nyssa sylvatica; prominently toothed - Ulmus americana and Viburnum rafinesquianum; inconspicuously toothed - Prunus serotina and Viburnum prunifolium; compound and prominently toothed - Aesculus sylvatica, Carya alba, and Rubus allegheniensis; lobed with smooth margins - Quercus alba, Quercus stellata, and Liriodendron tulipifera; lobed with pointed or toothed margins - Quercus rubra, Viburnum acerifolium, Liquidambar styracifiua, and Acer rubrum.
Recent studies under laboratory conditions in Mexico (unpublished) indicate that black cherry (Prunus serotina subsp.
Seeds of two native species, both found in our study area, were used in our seed removal study; one small-seeded species, Rubus cuneifolius (sand blackberry, 1.83-2.03 mm; 95% CI, n = 10), and one species with much larger seeds, Prunus serotina (black cherry, 5.75-5.91 mm; 95% CI, n = 10).
(2-B), Escallonia resinosa (3-B), Prunus serotina (4-B, C y D), Asteraceae morfotipo 2 (5-D), Salix sp.
and Erigeron annuus) dominate during the first two years after release from cultivation, perennials (e.g., Symphyotrichum pilosum and Solidago altissima) by year five, and woody plants (e.g., Rubus spp., Rosa spp., Fraxinus americana, and Prunus serotina) after several decades.