Prunus persica

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Prunus persica,

n See peach.
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Statistically, only the values found for the extracts of Camellia sinensis, Camellia sinensis with Citrus limonium, and Camellia sinensis with Prunus persica were not significantly different (p < 0.
rosal"; Ruta graveolens "ruda"; Prunus persica "duraznero"; Lactuca sativa "lechuga"; Dahlia sp.
By this logic, Prunus persica, should have been native to Persia and Prunus armeniaca native to Armenia, yet both of these fruit trees, like the orange, are indigenous to China.
Positive correlations were also observed between the number and average length of roots and shoots, likewise for Prunus persica in order to evaluate the feasibility of propagation of Nemared, Flordaguard and Okinawa rootstocks cultivars (TIMM et al.