Pruned Tree Appearance

A generic term for multiple abrupt cut-offs of arterioles seen with peripheral emboli or therapeutic embolisation
Imaging gallbladder A descriptive term for the abrupt cut-offs seen by cholangiography in vessels involved by sclerosing cholangitis
Imaging lung
(1) A descriptive term for a pulmonary arteriographic pattern seen in relatively central pulmonary embolism, in which embolically enlarged pulmonary arterieols are abruptly cut—‘pruned’—off
(2) A term referring to multiple abrupt cut-offs in the vessels feeding a tuberculoma after therapeutic embolisation
Imaging Uterus A term referring to the near static blood flow with minimal arborisation of the remaining vessels seen with selective arteriography of a uterine artery after the prominent peri-fibroid arteries supplying the fibroid of interest has been embolised to manage fibroid
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