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In 1994, some of the relatives of the victims of a man who carried out a workplace shooting - who had been put on Prozac a month before - brought a civil suit against Eli Lilly.
The public has a right to know what's in our water supplies and whether they are inadvertently taking drugs like Prozac.'
A spokesman for US-based Prozac manufacturers, Eli Lilly and Co, agreed, saying they didn't support online sales of the drug.
As Peter Kramer's 1993 bestseller Listening to Prozac describes so compellingly, many even celebrate the "new self" that cosmetic psychopharmacology seems to make possible.
Diane Cassidy, for example, was prescribed Prozac not for depression but for "off label" use as a weight-loss drug.
Zuellig Pharma said that after taking the above-mentioned factors into an actuarial analysis, it was notified by Eli Lily Taiwan, the owner of Prozac, to cease production on April 1 and withdraw the product from the Taiwan market.
Researchers from the Department of Pharmacology, Nippon Medical School, showed that chronic treatment of adult mice with fluoxetine (Prozac) caused changes to granule cells, one of the main types of neuronal cells inside the hippocampus, and to their connections with other neuronal cells.
The pounds 30-a-month drug agomelatine, also known as Valdoxan, was found to help 77.7 per cent of people with severe depression compared with 68.8 per cent on Prozac.
The pounds 30-a-month drug agomelatine (Valdoxan) was found to help 77.7% of people with severe depression compared with 68.8% on Prozac, a study comparing the drugs found.
Speaking during yesterday's hearing, consultant psychiatrist Dr Stephen Humphries said increased serotonin as a result of the large Prozac dose could have worsened Mr Walker's anxiety.
Over the following weeks, I realized the many questions I should have asked the doctor and the answers he should have provided before prescribing Prozac. Why do I need this medication?

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