proximate cause

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prox·i·mate cause

the immediate cause that precipitates a condition.

proximate cause

Etymology: L, proximus, nearest
a legal concept of cause-and-effect relationships in determining, for example, whether an injury would have resulted from a particular cause.

proximate cause

Malpractice An element required to prove negligence; the plaintiff–Pt or Pt's estate must prove that the Pt's injury is reasonably connected to the physician's action, through either the 'but for' test or the 'substantial factor' test. See 'But for' test, Negligence, 'Substantial factor' test.

proximate cause (prok´səmit),

n one that directly produces an effect; that which in ordinary, natural sequence produces a specific result with no agencies intervening.
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The first holds that the crashworthiness doctrine must be viewed through the prism of traditional tort principles--such as proximate cause and the doctrine of subsequent tortfeasors--and that these principles mandate the application of comparative fault.
That's because the facts, phenomena, laws and proximate causes that Newton discovered don't change.
From this developed four proximate causes of today's inequities.
to get beyond the proximate cause and to the root causes.
These are the deeper causes of growth, the factors that affect the proximate causes themselves.