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Provincial/Territorial Nurses Association (PTNA)

an association of Canadian nurses organized at the provincial or territorial level. The Canadian Nurses' Association is a federation of the 11 PTNAs.
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Ah my dear," interrupted provincial Mahiette, assuming in her turn an air of superiority, "what would you say then, if you had seen in '61, at the consecration at Reims, eighteen years ago, the horses of the princes and of the king's company?
Will it have a damaging impact on the provincials now that we have had an All-Ireland final where neither of the teams won a provincial title?
JOHNCOSTELLO has called on the GAA to revise the All-Ireland football Championship format and make it fairer for provincial winners.
The current system, which has been in place since 2001, is generally perceived to be flawed as the four provincial champions are the only teams not given a second bite at the cherry.
In the build-up to this year's clash, Tyrone boss Mickey Harte came out in support of teams like the Dubs and claimed the status quo should be changed to accommodate the provincial champions.
In his report to this year's county convention, Dublin secretary John Costello insisted it is "daft" that provincial football champions have no second chance.
This year three of the four provincial champions (Dublin, Armagh and Galway) lost quarter-final ties to Tyrone, Wexford and Kerry all of whom had been beaten before.
Apart from specific cases, does it not downgrade the provincial Championships that the qualifiers provide as many quarter-finalists as they do?